Some people say that you should visit Colombia due to breathtaking landscapes and high-end resorts, but what about Colombian brides?

The truth is that men are obsessed with this country, at least, due to lovely women wandering across Colombian streets. If you wish to date Colombian brides, you’re in the right place. Read further to learn why dating Colombian girls is an excellent idea.

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Why Do So Many Men Date Colombian Brides?

Will a mail order bride of Colombian origin make you a happy husband? Read further to learn why Colombian women might appear excellent wives.

Gorgeous Appearances

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Simply put, Colombian brides are super sexy. But what does sexiness mean to Colombians? The good news is that Colombian girls are sexy in the way you imagined it. That is, they have curvy figures with prominent breasts and buttocks. Well, Latin American women are famous for big booties, and Colombian girls are no exception.

If you search for Colombian beauties online, you will come across girls who earn enough money to stay well-groomed all the time. They go to the gym and keep to diets to emphasize their curves.

Besides, Colombian women naturally have wide hips and thin waists. So if such a girl goes to the gym, the muscle mass will spread more evenly and thus result in the sexiest booty in the world.

Lovely Facial Features

Colombian girls (much like their Brazilian counterparts) have distinctive facial features – straight noses, long black hair, heart-shaped faces, and naturally thick lips. It is due to mixed genetics. After all, over 80% of the Colombian population are mestizos and whites. It results in lovely appearances among Colombian girls.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with one. If you’re into these types of girls, Colombia will become your dating paradise.

Natural Makeup

Pretty much any woman wears makeup. If you believe she doesn’t, then she wears natural makeup. The good thing is that natural, soft eyeshadows, highlighters, and other cosmetics are trending across the world, including Colombia. Therefore, you will usually see pretty reserved (regarding makeup) girls on Colombian streets.

Personality Traits of Colombian Brides

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If one had to describe Colombians in three words, those would be optimism, friendliness, and open-heartedness. You can apply these adjectives to most Colombian women.

Note, however, that not all people act and think the same way. You may find a Colombian bride who doesn’t fit any of the descriptions we will provide further, and it is entirely okay. But we believe you should know about the cultural environment that shapes the Colombian mentality before approaching local girls.

So check these most common Colombian women’s personality traits.

These Girls Are Cheerful

Most Colombian women believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Whatever happens, these girls keep their chins up. Therefore, a Colombian bride will become a supportive partner. Once you come back home depressed, your Colombian wife will find a way to cheer you up.

Submissive Mindset

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Colombia is a traditional country with old-fashioned views on family and relationships. But what if you’re sick of super-independent whimsy girls? Then you can try your fortune in Colombia.

In contrast to European girls, Colombian ones believe men should take the lead in the relationship. Simply put, Colombian girls are straightforward when it comes to lifelong goals.

Most of them believe they have to set up families and bear children with their husbands. If you think that cozy family dinner with your children and wife chatting over the table is an excellent future perspective, you’re welcome to Colombia.

Colombian Women Are Loyal

Faithfulness is what unites most Colombian families. The locals treat relationships differently than Americans. In Colombia, dating is always something special.

That is, once you kiss a woman, she will consider you exclusive. The locals don’t understand casual dating. In this county, couples are faithful to each other from the very start.

And Super Jealous Too

Jealousy is a shadow of faithfulness. If you keep in touch with other women, let’s say your female friends, your Colombian girl won’t tolerate that. In her culture, men who spend time with other women are potential cheaters. So you should be careful – don’t trigger the jealousy of your woman. Otherwise, your union might suffer in the long run.

Colombian Brides vs. Other Women

Colombian girls differ from other nationalities in several ways:

  • Colombian girls have thicker figures than Caucasian or Asian women.
  • Compared to Western European or American women, Colombian girls are much more family-oriented and submissive.
  • Colombian girls are old-fashioned regarding relationships. They stick to traditional gender roles and will hardly accept the opposite.

Why Colombian Brides Become Some of the Best Wives

Why date Colombian brides? Why can one become a good wife? Check this out below.

Colombian Wives Don’t Mind Doing Housework

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Colombian wives follow traditional gender roles, which reflects in their daily routines. Most Colombian women believe men shouldn’t do housework. In Colombian families, there is a clear distinction of duties. Thus, mothers do all the housework, children help them, while men earn money.

Therefore, once you find a Colombian wife, you will no longer need to prepare meals for yourself. Your woman will do that for you.

Most importantly, it’s unusual for a Colombian man to cook. So you can easily impress your girl with mouth-watering meals if you love cooking.

Colombian Brides Love Children

Telling that all Colombian women love children would be a mistake. Still, most of them do. Besides, not having children is against the cultural values of Colombia. So if you wish to have children, a Colombian wife will become a caring and loving mother. If it turns out that you’re expecting a child, she will accept that without hesitation.

Colombian Women Will Stick to the House

Only 50% of women in Colombia have a job. The rest deal with the house. It doesn’t mean that Colombian girls prefer to idle instead of doing something useful. But Colombian women don’t mind staying at home and doing the housework instead of developing a career. It’s normal for the local girls to raise children, cook, and clean the house.

So if you search for this kind of woman, you can find one in Colombia with ease. Or can you? Where to find Colombian brides and how to meet them? Read further to find this out.

The Best Places to Meet Lovely Colombian Brides

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Colombia is a popular travel destination due to its vibrant culture, warm climate, and sunny beaches. Visiting Colombia is a no-brainer: you can enter the country’s borders and stay there for 90 days without a visa. Besides, Colombia set a tourism record in 2019 – more than 4.5 million people visited this country last year.

So you can pack your bags and get to the country right away. Check some of the best cities to visit in Colombia.


Bogota will always stand at the top of the best dating arenas in Colombia. The capital and the most populated city offers endless attraction sites, including museums, theatres, parks, etc.

But most importantly, you can find Colombian wife there with ease – more girls from the capital can speak English.

Finally, Bogota offers impressive nightlife opportunities – there are at least 20 bars and nightclubs accepting guests all night.

Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a beach city and a must-have destination for any traveler. Just imagine: you are chilling at the beach while sipping a cocktail with a stunning girl beside you. That might indeed be a dream vacation.


Medellin is one of the Colombian cultural centers with over 2.5 million inhabitants. Seeking a Colombian wife in this city makes sense because:

  • You can choose from thousands of well-groomed girls.
  • This city offers dozens of entertainment sites, like museums, theaters, parks, clubs, and bars.
  • There are at least seven festivals throughout the year.

Online Dating Sites

While the above-mentioned cities will suit your dating needs to the fullest, you may want to search for Colombian brides online first, and here’s why.

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Emma is waiting for you to message her. You might be just the one she is looking for. Emma is fond of music, children, and healthy food. Get to know her better.

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Colombians don’t Speak English

According to the latest estimations, 99.5% of Colombians speak Spanish, while only 4% of people claim they can speak English (no guarantees apply, though). Therefore, your dreams might crush against the language barrier if you try to pick up some women on Colombian streets. In contrast, a Colombian mail order bride can use a translation tool or a translator to maintain a dialogue.

Local Women Don’t Speak to Strangers

Just imagine a situation: you speak to a Colombian girl on the street, but she throws an awkward short glance at you and walks away. From her perspective, a random guy tries to speak to her in a language she doesn’t understand, interfering with her business (long-awaited lunch hour, for example). The bad news is that you will likely fail to pick up a woman on the street or in a club.

Meanwhile, an interested mail order bride Colombian might be waiting for your message right now.

Thousands of Mail Order Brides on Colombian Dating Websites

Statistically, 39% of the US couples met each other via online dating sites in 2017. When social interaction is reduced to a minimum during the pandemic, online dating remains the only valuable means of meeting your significant other.

If you sign up on a niche website, you will have thousands of Colombian mail order brides at your fingertips. All you need to do is start chatting with a woman you like.

The Best Tips for a Successful Online Relationship

It’s okay to hesitate before sending a message to a mail order bride from Colombia. But the following dating tips will do the trick.

How to Create an Outstanding Dating Profile?

The following tricks will make a difference for your dating profile:

  1. Make sure to publish high-quality photos. Also, ensure that your pictures vary and represent your hobbies.
  2. Don’t provide a long life story in your profile description. People usually scan, not read. So you need to highlight the best features of your personality in up to five sentences.
  3. Be honest in your intentions. If you’re not sure what mail order brides Colombia you’re looking for, state that you’re open to any opportunities.

How to Avoid Money-Minded Girls?

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You might come across different Colombian mail brides, including gold diggers. How to avoid those money-minded women and find a reliable partner? Check these tips to filter greedy girls:

  • Avoid women who ask you for money. They might need cash for their parent’s medical treatment, a new phone, English courses, etc. In most cases, these are lies. So use common sense and cease the relationship as long as you realize that your woman abuses your financial status.
  • Select Colombian mail order wives who live in the capital and the most developed urban areas. Girls from rural areas usually seek money only.
  • Choose women with multiple pictures on their profiles. Also, make sure those picks represent girls in different environments and situations.

How to Create a Good First Impression Online

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These tips will help you make a good first impression online:

  1. Don’t rush into the relationship or show off. Also, don’t direct a woman on what to do and when. You are strangers until you see each other in person. So respect the woman’s personal space.
  2. Show interest in mail order brides Colombian. For this, reply to her messages within reasonable time frames and compliment her.
  3. Avoid topics like sex, politics, gender equality, or feminism. It’s better not to burden your online relationship with so much philosophy.

Three Steps of a Successful Online Relationship

A successful online relationship comprises several steps.

What Kind of Men Do Colombian Brides Marry?

Mail order brides from Colombia have the same preferences as women across the globe, most of the time. So they expect you to take care of yourself, provide for the family, love and respect them to the fullest.

But also, traditional mail order brides in Colombia prefer assertive men who don’t mind taking the lead in the relationships. These girls like chivalry and romantic gestures.

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Emma is waiting for you to message her. You might be just the one she is looking for. Emma is fond of music, children, and healthy food. Get to know her better.

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The Final Word

Colombia is the perfect place to find a loyal, mild-tempered, and caring Latin American woman. While it’s easy to visit this country, you may want to meet a mail order bride from Colombia online due to the language barrier and social distancing. These girls prefer reliable men. So as long as you show serious intentions, your dating success is in the bag.