What Would It Be Like To Be Married To A Mexican Bride?

The Mexican bride comes from a culture that is a treasure trove of history and proud, family-oriented tradition. These brides are renown for their beauty, loyalty and dedication to home and family. It is easy to meet the right Mexican woman online, fall in love and decide to spend one’s life with her.

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Whether a man meets a Mexican bride through a mail order bride service or some other way, combining the two cultures through marriage can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration, however, because these are special circumstances. Read about Mexican order brides to learn more.

Things to know before marrying a Mexican girl

marrying a mexican womanIf you are a citizen of the United States, there are a couple of different ways to bring your Mexican bride to this country to live with the intent of marrying. The K-1 visa is how the US immigration authorities refer to a fiancée visa. The purpose of this visa is to allow any citizen of the United States to bring his or her foreign fiancée into the country for the purpose of marrying him or her.

The visa is good for 90 days only and cannot be extended, so it is important that the marriage transpire within that time period. Both parties must have met in person over the last two years prior to filing the petition for the fiancée visa.

It is possible to circumvent this rule by applying for a hardship waiver, but this is not an easy option to realize, as it is exceptionally difficult to obtain unless the US citizen has some type of medical condition that prevents his traveling.


Both the US citizen and the mail order bride must be legally free to marry

No marriages will be allowed between parties who are in the midst of a divorce that has not yet been declared final. Additionally, the US citizen who wishes to marry a Mexican woman must meet certain income requirements. If the party does not meet these income requirements, he is allowed to use a sponsor who does meet them.

marrying a Mexican girl

Before traveling to the US to marry, the Mexican bride must meet certain health standards by undergoing a physical examination that has to be approved by the US Consulate. She may not enter the country to marry if she is diagnosed with a communicable disease or if she is seriously mentally ill. Additionally, she must not have a criminal record. There are a few exceptions to this requirement

It is best to consult with a Mexican marriage agency to review what they are

Mexican women for marriageIf the couple plans to marry in the United States, the type of wedding they have completely depends on what they want as individuals. If they plan to have a traditional Mexican wedding, they can count on the wedding costs to be divided among different relatives.

Mexican weddings traditionally include as many relatives as possible. Each takes a role as a “padrino” (i.e. godparent) and pays for certain aspects of the ceremony and reception. This is considered as a great honor and makes the relatives feel a greater connection to the wedding.

The groom and his family traditionally assume the majority of costs for the wedding. However, US tradition says that the mail order bride’s family pay. These details should be worked out in advance between the couple. The groom generally pays for the bride to come to the United States, but expenses for the extended family can vary. The key to a successful intercultural wedding is communication and planning financial issues and other issues in advance. This is the best way to affect happiness ever after.