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Dating Mexican women isn’t like dating American women, and despite the term, Mexican mail order brides should emphasize “Mexican” rather than “mail order bride”. Mexico has a very different culture when it comes to men and women. In fact, most Latin American women share these differences. If you want to date let alone marry a Latina, you should understand some of the differences.

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Particularly if you plan on “hooking up” with a Mexican woman online through sites like or Amo Latina, you will have much better luck if you understand some of these cultural differences.

There is a rich culture and belief system in Mexico that you must understand in order to make any relationship work. Without a good understanding of these differences, any long-term romance or relationship will not work. Of course, if you aren’t seeking anything ‘long term’, it will still help you understand where these women come from.

Mexicans, along with most Latin American people, have very strong family bonds. Getting close to a lady means getting close to her family, or at the very least being accepted by them. In their culture, it is often family who approves or disapproves a woman’s dates.

mexican mail order brides

There is also a very stong male chauvenistic leaning. Specifically, women rarely take the initiative; it is up to the man to do so.

Their culture also places very high value on romance, manners, and politeness. Letting the woman enter somewhere first, holding the door or opening the door for her, etc. These are things which many Western men don’t do, and it is often taken for granted that women no longer “care” about these niceties. This is definitely not the case with Latinas.

Generally, women are essentially subordinate to their men. It isn’t a gender issue so much as an ingrained cultural aspect.

If you keep these things in mind, you will find that your future Mexican bride be much more at ease, and perhaps more importantly more open to your advances.